A Quarter of A Century

10th December 2014


So, I found this in my mailbox. I was literally laughing out loud while reading this letter. If it was meant to be a surprise, I’m surprised! Whoever wrote this deserve my standing ovation. The logo is pretty impressive. Meticulous.

I google these words “Bevande, Canto, Dragobarca” and found out that they are in Italian. It means “Drinking. Singing. Dragon Boat”.

It’s totally made my day but the suspense of not knowing what’s in store is killing me!


13th December 2014

At 07 00 hours I received a text from an unknown number (well played) informing me that the 2 escorts that suppose to pick me will be late.


When the 2X escorts arrived, I nearly died. Looks like they did put in effort in dressing up. Well done, Soldier! Happiest morning ever. Never did I expect my 2 escorts to be Bao Gege & Yen Kai! I must say, I am surprised!

20141213_072106(Inside Joke) The entire time, we were laughing at Bao Gege’s attire as it looks as if his body is planning to go 3 different places – Upper Body: It’s what he would wear for DB training; Butt: It’s what he would wear when he go town; Feet: It’s what he would wear for reservist

We grabbed a cab to Mandai Road. I Thought we will be going to the Zoo until they walked into this trail…





Embarrassed much. This is by far the most embarrassing thing I ever did in my 25 years living on this planet.  I’ve received countless dirty stares.

There was a Chinese couple that walked past me. I overheard the guy telling the girl that “I am a nutcase!” C’mon, It’s a birthday sabotage. Loosen up a bit will ya?!




20141213_110750We decided to drop the tree top hall. Too shagged & No time!


1A we-fie for every checkpoint: Woodcutter Trail, Bukit Pangjang, Rifle Range, Instead of moving our bum to MacRitchie nature trail, we made a wrong turn and ended up at Upper Thomson Road. We had to track back to MacRitchie as there will be another escort taking over. All in all, we took 6 hours!

IMG-20141214-WA0018Green lips do look great on me!


20141213_125320I had fun! Thank you boys for taking up this physical-demanding slot of the day! Lots of love. Face Throwing A Kiss


20141213_132316Escort #3, Kingyiu, came to pick me up for lunch.


10389176_10152933877546972_6237750034009639417_nAfter lunch escort #4 (Mingyun) & #5 (Jiahe) appeared and they brought me to the 2nd activity of the day: Ice Skating!

After 6 hours of hiking, my legs aren’t mine anymore. They made me skate non-stop for 1.5hours. Beyond tired. Mingyun left after the ice-skating to fulfil her soldier’s duty. Despite your tight schedule you made time for me. I love you. Face Throwing A Kiss

Jiahe & Kingyiu brought me to Harbour Front. It was raining cats and dogs so, they texted the HQ and asking for further instruction. While queuing up to buy myself a drink, they came up with Plan B. Impressive Thumbs Up Sign Later I was told that the original plan was to go to Wave House @ Sentosa. Thanked God for the rain! I can’t imagine how am I suppose to balance on the surfboard for another hour.

IMG-20141214-WA0022In agony! Kingyiu & Jiahe didn’t allow me to sleep on the train. They even forbid me to take the escalator or the elevator. With my already aching legs, I had to climb stairs! The stairs at all NEL station’s are exceptionally long.



So, we went rock climbing instead!




IMG-20141204-WA0003& I died


IMG-20141214-WA0039This policeman left after rock climbing. He had to pick his Mum up from the airport! Weekends are exceptionally precious to NSF still, you gave me half of your Saturday! Love you lots Face Throwing A Kiss


IMG-20141214-WA0041Toast & Egg for dinner!

The last activity is pretty obvious. Anyway Bao Gege had already let the cat out of the bag during hiking. While we were walking and singing Bao Gege went, “later the K session I want to sing this song” then he showed me the “opps” look. haha! Anyway, I knew eating at Toast Box was to stall for time for the rest to do their last minute preparation.

10805798_10152936391101972_7548631889253481600_n How can we not end the day with something that brought us together (besides Dragon Boat)?



IMG-20141214-WA0047Because of my love of Teh Ping (Ice Milk Tea), they got me 1 litre worth. I have never drank so much Teh Ping to the extent of puking. Effort Much.


IMG-20141214-WA0079This girl followed me almost the entire day. She is as tired as I am. Thank you, lovely.




19 hours worth of (physical) activities. Pure madness. Thank you everyone for keeping me occupied & happy from 0700 hours to 0200 hours. Whether you’re involved in the planning, coordinating, or executing of this operation, you deserve my standing ovation. I will safe keep these awesome memories in my heart.

Thank you everyone for putting in so much effort and your precious time to take up different shifts. (I manage to get hold of the operation charlie Whiskey chat log. Couldn’t stop laughing!). The suspense of not knowing where to go or what to do next is the major killer but I had so much fun and beyond touched! 谢谢 XOXO

P.s.: Commando 就是 Commando. Yenkai is the Commanding Officer in this Operation Charlie Whiskey. The letter, the planning, coordinating and execution deserved many many love from me. Good Job, Pretty impressed.


15th December 2015

20141215_135438Met my favourite boys for lunch!


& I spent the rest of the day with bf




20141215_231339Anyway, Happy Birthday to Me!


Surprise Birthday Celebration!

5 years ago, we started a ‘new’ tradition – to throw a McDonald’s Birthday Party to whoever hit 30 years of age!

Special Thanks to:

The Tans – Opening up their place & trick Sarah into thinking that they are having a family dinner
Mum – Holding her hostageDad – Trick Sarah into thinking that he had an appointment with someone
Nat – Chauffeuring Chloe & I around
Chloe – Ordered & picked up Sarah’s favourite cake
Dee – Decorations
The rest – Being on time for the party & tying up loose ends
Arti – Clean up our mess



20140509_194217Her favourite cake


20140509_212010With love, Papa & Mama




IMG-20140509-WA0012Picture perfect (Nat is absence from this picture – He went to put new parking coupon for his car -_-)


IMG-20140509-WA0013Happy 30th Birthday, Jie! XOXO



Started my Christmas week with a Christmas Musical – Crazy Christmas: Ting Tong Belles (featuring the Dim Sum Dollies)

988dc0946b1b11e3ad080a41352ca875_8Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. 5/5

ed0556226b1c11e39bd51230495cd073_8Belles in Black


Before the musical, we had high tea at

The Cookie Museum
Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue

a51214b46ae411e3bf331279a0060797_8The Queen Secret Tea


93b62b406aeb11e382890e0b0e51322f_8Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquer Teacake was unavailable as they were serving the Christmas Menu. Instead, we went for their liquer cake in a jar ($30/jar). Love their Rum & Raisins ice cream *yummy*.


Preparing for our Annual Lifelink Christmas Party #traditions

06bc6e646c5011e39b170ed80c6345d1_8 Wrapping my gifts in gold wrappers! #traditions


dfe726386ca611e39fe712631b20df5c_8Charis’ Garden Pasta Salad


Lifelink Christmas Party

1499496_10152146871841972_692895861_nThe workers working hard to fill up the Christmas Tree


ae91ada46d4311e3a9f012ad4d8b6503_8Christmas Tree PACKED with pressies!


1521989_10152146872486972_2141437735_nChristmas goodies


1545693_10152146874571972_1858330354_nThrowback 2012 & 2013 Christmas


1464637_10152146873466972_41675451_nLychee Martini Log Cake from Pine Garden


1535491_10152146878191972_1377502973_nMy Lifelink family & friends of Lifelink. The Lord has blesses us with each other. Nothing matters.


Christmas / Kel’s birthday celebration with the boys

fa8f66346fd111e380c90e1e8d916dc5_8It’s only 6 of us but we ordered 13 dishes! #greedy


0619a5fc6fcb11e3957512f7cf5a730f_8Happy Birthday, Uncle Kelvyn!


bd33092a74f511e3a66e0e9639454125_8Scruffiez secretly took a portrait of bobo & chacha during their last grooming. They surprised us with this and a handwritten Christmas card!! They are too sweet.

Blk 123 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1422, 530123
9877 0772



Desmond was another sweetie. He got someone to paint a portrait of us. Well, it didn’t do justice to our good looks but it’s was a really sweet gift.


A really weird Christmas present (A bunny stress doll from Zoolander) from Samson. He knew it’s pretty stressful to be friend.


81c627ec6ebe11e38970124528f4b329_82nd Christmas with my cutiepies !!!! XOXO