Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2014


It’s an honour to be able to row our asses off together. Thank you everyone for giving your all! Continue to stay in pain and stay hungry! VUVU SAAA! Dat adrenaline.



10357439_10152547299017235_2953108331220373998_nVuvu girls

10527826_10152282038098997_1471003187643903086_nGold, Gold, Power Rangers!


Thank you for coming down to give us your support. It meant a lot.



10590608_10152670699708633_5067530775004593673_nThrough this one time off collaboration, I’ve met a lot of awesome individuals packed with inspirational stories and experiences. Respect. I’m thankful to be part of this.


10422359_10152982754195979_4315497579659758189_n& because of this collaboration, this group was formed. Besides the love of dragon boating, they are also Karaoke addicts!


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