DBS Marina Regatta 2014

My first official race with PLK and definitely not my last 🙂 One of the smoothest race ever (except the fact that SDBA screw up the last part)

20140517_075529As usual, my woman brought me breakfast – Black Coffee & Bacon Strips

1613889_10152416940073258_8007540310513026194_nSince it’s Cat 1, Let’s take a picture!


Thank you for coming down to give us your support. Appreciate it!




20140517_131838There were too many of us and the selfie stick wasn’t long enough. We had to improvise it!

*20140517_131948Still, it wasn’t long enough. We used someone’s paddle to lengthen it some more




IMG-20140517-WA0011We brought selfie to a whole new level


Our Minor Finals. We fought a great fight.


10382995_10152243629624635_2012462056895372827_nPassing the finishing line with rage (literally). Credits: Choo Yut Shing


Selfie stick, boredom and crazy team mates


IMG-20140517-WA0027Thank you girls! Despite SDBA’s screw up, I had an awesome time riding waves with all of you. Whooosh!


IMG-20140517-WA0044We found love in an “awkward” place


10363986_10154192093445377_6862225043541688877_nCredits: Chris Tew

I could spend the next hour whining about how terribly SDBA screw up and deny our chance in going in to grand finals but I decided no to. When life gives you lemon, remember that lemon. Winning a medal is a bonus, what matter most is the fight you gave was your best.


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