Surprise Birthday Celebration!

5 years ago, we started a ‘new’ tradition – to throw a McDonald’s Birthday Party to whoever hit 30 years of age!

Special Thanks to:

The Tans – Opening up their place & trick Sarah into thinking that they are having a family dinner
Mum – Holding her hostageDad – Trick Sarah into thinking that he had an appointment with someone
Nat – Chauffeuring Chloe & I around
Chloe – Ordered & picked up Sarah’s favourite cake
Dee – Decorations
The rest – Being on time for the party & tying up loose ends
Arti – Clean up our mess



20140509_194217Her favourite cake


20140509_212010With love, Papa & Mama




IMG-20140509-WA0012Picture perfect (Nat is absence from this picture – He went to put new parking coupon for his car -_-)


IMG-20140509-WA0013Happy 30th Birthday, Jie! XOXO


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