Le Finger

Woke up at 2am in the morning with an immense pain in my right distal 3rd phalanx, inflamed. The swelling got rapidly worse and the pain intensified.

Went to A&E and had a minor surgery (I shall spare you the details. Since I was on local anesthesia, I was fully awake and know exactly what they were doing to my finger).

IMG_20140221_222738[1]Just after the surgery. Yes, I know it’s huge but it gave me 7 days worth of MC!!


IMG_20140222_181218[1]because it also looks like a corndog (credits to Denise)…


IMG-20140224-WA0004[1]According to dee, now it looks like a cocktail sausage

Been physically inactive for almost 2 weeks. My body is desperately in need of some form of workout. I will be removing my dressing tomorrow and life will be back to normal!!

This has been a blessing in disguise. Yea, It’s cause some inconvenience (Can’t write, can’t carry heavy items, eating, drinking, bathing and brushing my teeth with my non-dominant left hand etc.) but I get to take a break from school and work. A MUCH needed break! I get to spent a lot of me-time, some quality time with nat before flying off to Taiwan for his training (oh, I even get to send him off) and stay-cation with the girls. I’m glad it happened.

This makes me feel so much better after watching Jeff, Sam & Kelvyn’s parody of my original video (which Jon forces me into doing it). Oh well… for fun, laughter, peace and joy!


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