Started my Christmas week with a Christmas Musical – Crazy Christmas: Ting Tong Belles (featuring the Dim Sum Dollies)

988dc0946b1b11e3ad080a41352ca875_8Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. 5/5

ed0556226b1c11e39bd51230495cd073_8Belles in Black


Before the musical, we had high tea at

The Cookie Museum
Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue

a51214b46ae411e3bf331279a0060797_8The Queen Secret Tea


93b62b406aeb11e382890e0b0e51322f_8Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquer Teacake was unavailable as they were serving the Christmas Menu. Instead, we went for their liquer cake in a jar ($30/jar). Love their Rum & Raisins ice cream *yummy*.


Preparing for our Annual Lifelink Christmas Party #traditions

06bc6e646c5011e39b170ed80c6345d1_8 Wrapping my gifts in gold wrappers! #traditions


dfe726386ca611e39fe712631b20df5c_8Charis’ Garden Pasta Salad


Lifelink Christmas Party

1499496_10152146871841972_692895861_nThe workers working hard to fill up the Christmas Tree


ae91ada46d4311e3a9f012ad4d8b6503_8Christmas Tree PACKED with pressies!


1521989_10152146872486972_2141437735_nChristmas goodies


1545693_10152146874571972_1858330354_nThrowback 2012 & 2013 Christmas


1464637_10152146873466972_41675451_nLychee Martini Log Cake from Pine Garden


1535491_10152146878191972_1377502973_nMy Lifelink family & friends of Lifelink. The Lord has blesses us with each other. Nothing matters.


Christmas / Kel’s birthday celebration with the boys

fa8f66346fd111e380c90e1e8d916dc5_8It’s only 6 of us but we ordered 13 dishes! #greedy


0619a5fc6fcb11e3957512f7cf5a730f_8Happy Birthday, Uncle Kelvyn!


bd33092a74f511e3a66e0e9639454125_8Scruffiez secretly took a portrait of bobo & chacha during their last grooming. They surprised us with this and a handwritten Christmas card!! They are too sweet.

Blk 123 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1422, 530123
9877 0772



Desmond was another sweetie. He got someone to paint a portrait of us. Well, it didn’t do justice to our good looks but it’s was a really sweet gift.


A really weird Christmas present (A bunny stress doll from Zoolander) from Samson. He knew it’s pretty stressful to be friend.


81c627ec6ebe11e38970124528f4b329_82nd Christmas with my cutiepies !!!! XOXO


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