Kudos to the girls for they successfully gave me a heart-pumping-nerve-wrecking birthday surprise! ‘A’ for their effort and ‘B+’ for their acting skills (though there were a few suspicious-moments). I’m really touched and blessed. Well, this time they caught me by SURPRISE! Thank you, girls. XOXO


Nat brought me to this (expensive) restaurant for dinner.

Forest 森 by Sam Leong
Resort World Sentosa
Equarius Hotel, Lobby

The food is heavenly but couldn’t eat much. I was force to finish the 3 litres worth of birthday Chocolate Frappuccino at d’good Cafe. I will definitely go back there only if I feel rich.

4f1aa3cc65ef11e3bcf812bd61fee7e8_8Nat bought me this party hat and I wore it to the restaurant!

f9a55fe067f111e38c33124320eea8bc_8Had a mini celebration with my family & my boy. Nat bought my favourite Lychee Martini Cake from Pine Garden. With that turbo candle, my wishes better come true (If not I will ask for a refund)!!


My beloved dee. LOL!


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