Christmas Arrived Early

Ellenborough Market Café Swissotel
Merchant Court, Merchant Rd, Singapore 178882
Tel: 6239 1848



I had an enjoyable Christmas buffet dinner at Ellenborough Market Cafe with my second family.

abbd80b060e811e3a03d12dffe73ba36_8Lil’ Timmy is too cheeky!


f8e5bf7860e911e387960ee8fbc8973c_8Timmy: Aunty Charis, can I show you something?
Me: What do you want to show me?
Timmy: I want to show you my bum bum
Me: !!! NO!!! I don’t want to see your bum bum!!
Timmy: *bend forward* MY BUM BUM!



The food here is too good! The seafood here ain’t fresh except the prawns. Yum yum.




The delicious pumpkin soup!



I hope I will find this pot of durian puree at the end of the rainbow! Too yummy.


It’s nice to have timmy around. Though we need to take turns to entertain him, we get some “half-time” so that we can continue to stuff ourselves with more food. Sigh.


Dee playing “Who Wants To Be A Billionaire” with Timmy.



We were playing “Who-can-sit-still-and-not-talk-for-the-next-5-mins”



Bauble Love



How can we not take a picture with Christmas Tree?


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