Singapore River Regatta 2013

I love Singapore River Regatta (SRR). Partly because, SRR is a 200m race! 300m race course, bearable. Anything more than that, it’s pain in my bum bum! Singapore Dragon Boat Festival used to have 800m race course – oh, I dread the most! Thanked God they shorten it to 500m. Can you imagine, you rowing 800m to the starting line then you row another 800m back to the finishing line? And that’s only the heats, you have Repecharge/semi finals and grand final! Mind you… That’s only 1 category. Usually we take part in 3 categories. Now, do your math. Running fast for 800m is tough, rowing is even tougher!

883201_10151842987832880_781227726_oGroup shot with Usports

1403132_10151841005727880_302968677_oGirls Team

1392013_10151848727307880_1570964249_nVisualization before going down

1404725_10202064988246843_1122312222_oWomen’s Open


1404539_10201713041580674_893163095_oMixed Team


Desmond being Desmond, he booked a room for us to stay overnight after a day of long hard row! We were blessed by his hospitality and his generosity.

4c6ba382494e11e3886312b8d6dd5f3b_8Presidential Suite @ Grand Park City Hall


Season’s over. Peace.


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