Race The Dead

Rambo is a myth so… we joined forces with 30+ other runners to finish the race as a team. Sustained some superficial injuries (try sprinting on the beach! *pfft*). My shorts got pulled down by 2 psychotic zombies! Instead of pulling my tags, they pulled my shorts. I was holding onto my shorts with my dear life. They told me to let go of my hands. I screamed at the “2 zombies” that it was my shorts that they were pulling, not my tags!!! Yup, then my butt got flashed. -_- The “2 zombies” are definitely lacking some intelligence! Anyway, complained to the organisers at the finishing point and all thanks to my flashed-butt, free admission for 12 pax to Zouk.

0a2349da407a11e3b9da22000a1faf53_8We sprint, we dodge, we walk, we fell, we got up, WE SURVIVED!

Ended the day with a sumptuous dinner with an incredible bunch of friends.

GetImage902 East Coast Parkway Singapore 449874
Phone: 6345 1211

20131027_201627Steamboat Garoupa

It was so fresh that the fins were still moving!


Mushroom & Veg


Curry Crab


Chilli Crab


Dessert (on the house yo)

f0802c58407b11e3aaa822000a1fb0dd_8In our chamber of secrets (whatever discussed inside remained inside)


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