Al Borgo

383 Bukit Timah Road
#01-02 Alocassia Apartments
Singapore, Singapore 259727
(online reservation @

Delightful lunch treat by David.

It’s a family-friendly Italian restaurant. To keep your kids occupied while waiting for their food to arrive, they do provide some hands on:

09cf986a2b4b11e3a9ed22000a1fb773_7Pizza dough, kids-size rolling pin, cookie cutters

I wanted to “play” so David requested for it. I am being young at heart!

14f947782b4f11e3b96122000aa802d9_7Once you’re done with all the kneading, rolling, molding and cutting, they baked it for you! *tada* My disgusting-looking mini pizza!

86cb18142b6c11e3a9ff22000aaa0374_7It kept me occupied!

516ccd382c3f11e39b0e22000a9f12cb_7Chef Mimmo saw me having so much fun making those mini pizzas that he brought me to his kitchen!! He taught me how to make authentic-italian-adult-size pizza from scratch! *jackpot* I nearly dropped the pizza as I took it out from the oven. At that very moment, Chef yelled “ALAMAK LAH!”.

Chef Mimmo has been living in Singapore for 20 years so…. try imagine him saying singlish with his thick Italian accent!

6cf920902c4111e3b96f22000aeb0cca_7*tada* Charis’ Pizza (Credit goes to Chef Mimmo. If it wasn’t for him, it will definitely look nothing like this!)

IMG_20131004_144106I ordered Carbonara. The cream to spaghetti ratio was spot on. It was satisfying.

The servers were extremely funny & friendly. They make you feel at home. A great place for gathering.

I definitely overshot my carbohydrates quota for the day! Worth it. Thank you, David! 😀

p.s.: Spent above $25, free parking.


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