Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

While everyone is doing their last minute mugging for Principles of Exercise Programming last Friday, I went to Queue up for my note 3.

I like the squarish build. It’s basically a improved version of note 2. If you were to compare the thickness, the size of the screen, the processor or the weight between Note 2 & Note 3, you wouldn’t notice the difference. Negligible. If you were to ask me if there is a need to upgrade from Note 2 to Note 3? My answer is no. Mama’s mobile plan is up and my sis sis needed a phone… oh that is complicated, never mind!

Note 3 has got better camera and pixel density (Finally!). Note 2 always me give me crappy pictures. They’ve also added a lot of fun features for the camera function for you to play around. Oh, I can’t tell you how much I like the battery life. It is able to last the entire day without having to charge and it roughly took around 2 hours for my phone to be fully charged. Note 3’s default keyboard has the swift feature – Say goodbye to numb thumb! I’m still exploring my new phone.

I’m not going to otterbox my phone anytime soon. I need to enjoy its thinnest & lightness. That’s the whole point!


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