Enjoying The Moment

I don’t exactly remember which competition or events we (RPDB) took part in. I’ve already lost count of the number of medals we’ve collected over the years in RPDB (I’m not speaking in arrogance). But, what I do remember are those crazy moments with my team mates and all those embarrassing moments that you wished you could buried them 5 feet under (Good try, but there will always be some jokers that will dig it all up for you to re-visit them all over again). Till this day, whenever I think of those moments, I will still laugh about it.

One thing I really love about dragon boat is the camaraderie spirit – the advance level of team work. You won’t fully understand it until you experienced it (trust me).

I am angst, disappointed and disgusted about the negativity we received after the win, mainly from those that always so-proudly proclaiming “One Team, One Family”.

“medals are just superficial metal pieces that collect dust and take up space. It is the memories with the team that I know will never be misplaced, and will never be taken away from me”.

I tell you, I WILL GIVE YOU A SLAP. Don’t be such a wet blanket. A win is a win. Don’t rob away our moment! All of us burned our weekends off for “extra” trainings and during the weekdays we did our own training. We work our butts off! Don’t you think we deserved to celebrate? Maybe it’s time to act like an adult, stop being such a sore loser. Go ahead and congratulate other teams and call your own team, a loser. Walk the talk, Hasfis. Trust me. I can be even more mean than that!

Yes, medal is just a piece of metal. What matters most are the memories with my team mates. I couldn’t agree more. But, don’t try to use an apple to justify an orange. They are both similar but different matters. We earned that medal yet at the same time we did not row for that sole reason. We rowed for each other. Don’t judge us because you know nothing about us, Hasfis.

When you decided to enter a race, naturally you want to do your very best to win the race. You don’t tell me you want to win, you DO it! You train hard for it – That is the only way to do it. If you think you are weak, don’t whine like a baby and expect the stronger ones to drag you along. You are responsible for your own fitness. You are accountable to your fellow team mates. If you are not putting in any effort in making yourself fitter, I wouldn’t want to row with you. I have no intention of pulling your deadweight. If you need help to get stronger, ASK for help. Don’t blame the ones that put in their hard work for winning. If you missed 2 months worth of trainings, don’t blame others of your weakness. BLAME YOURSELF. I don’t see how you expect to win when you only started training a week before the race. Stop being sour and grow up, Hasfis.

Now, I am going to enjoy this moment, guilt-free. YAY!


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