I ♥ Public Holidays!

2 public holidays in a row – it must have taken all the stars in the universe to align.

Besides all the muggings, I had…

cf5fbe8a004d11e3852322000ae911da_7Brunch at The White Rabbit

2d5d29d6004f11e38b2822000aa80213_7I love the interior design – high ceiling, rustic, classy tinted window panes


20130808_120553Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

20130808_123757Finally a decent date ever since he came back from the states


Spent almost the entire National Day in Starbucks mugging. Well, at least I spent the rest of my evening with some of the lifelink’s YAF-ers doing the tradition: WATCHING THE PARADE. Josh & Da jie were kind enough to offer their place for us to watch the parade even though they were unable to join us.

0267344c00e511e3a9ea22000ae81462_7Mugging, KFC & The Parade


After my paper, ZzzzZzzzzZzzz my Saturday away…


20130811_181111I spent the last drop of my Sunday eating 冷鸡饭.

– A not too bad long weekend


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