Quick Updates

☆ Represented RPDB for Marina Bay Festival 🙂

☆ 2nd Semester ended with a !bang!

☆ Enjoyed my 1 month school term breaks with tons of rowing and meet ups

☆ Had an awesome church camp at JHotel, JB

☆ 2nd Semester result was commendable despite my laziness and numerous distractions

☆ 3rd Semester started last weekend 😦

☆ 4 more weeks to Mid-Sem Exam

☆ Had an awesome BBQ time interacting with colleagues and their love ones

☆ First time in my life Spending 2 nights in a bungalow chalet with just 2 people

☆ Totally ♥ the HTHT sessions with weilin

☆ Just had a much needed retail therapy

☆ I’ve become a Teh-ping and Kopi-O-ping addict

☆ Gonna let Chacha & Bobo mate soon

☆ I’m getting buffer and my sleeves are getting tighter !shucks!

☆I ♥ YOU, babeh!


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