Imma Fighter

As I was flipping through my organiser, I realised that whatever I’d wrote down for the month of  April and May were all long hours of non-stop lectures over the weekends,  tutorial classes on weeknights, assignment deadlines and work-related reminders.

Covered Jay last month at work (total madness) and top it all off with those intensive classes and assignments did stretched me a teeny weeny thinner than usual. Being human, I did thought of  quitting school. I took 1-2 days “off” from doing any school related work after my last mid-sem paper. After taking a step back, everything seems to be much clearer and I do look dumb for having such thoughts (& Sunday’s sermon came timely too). It was God’s plan and that suppose to make me stronger and tougher. I just needed to continue to pray and persevere. It would be an insult toHim if I have decided to choose an easy way out – give up.

I will not give up without putting up a fight. Pain and hardship is temporal and glory is forever! Life would be too boring and meaningless if there isn’t any struggles for me to overcome, battles for me to win and fears for me to conquer. Watch me.

all glory and honor and power belongs to You and You alone.


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