Quick Updates

☆ Spent CNY with loved ones – Visited Woo, Tan, Choo, Boey & See Clans

☆ Maximum input and minimum output (Gain weight – I felt it, I Saw it and students told me)

☆ 6D5N Bangkok Trip with the girls – Celebrated Chloe’s Birthday & Valentine’s Day

☆ Sinsei Field Trip with Sam & Rock

☆ Orientation Hike @ Pulau Ubin (I’m so glad that they have put additional 3 Teachers IC to OAC!!! The more the merrier!)

☆ Celebrated Dee’s Birthday

☆ Gathering/celebratory/farewell dinner with my awesome classmates

☆ Rock & I gave Sam a lovely surprise at the Airport. (I can tell he LOVE it. haha) Miss him deep deep

☆ School starting tomorrow 😦 (3 weekends for the month of march will be BURNED)

☆ You will have hard time catching hold of me (Sorry in advance.)

☆ 1 additional module (Human Anatomy) this Semester. The itchy-backside me decided not to take it last Sem and now I have to do it on my own 😦 but my awesome classmates had already passed me all their notes, read ups and (past year questions) shhhhhhh….

☆ Got back last Semester results. Unexpectedly good. Praise to Lord! *hope it won’t be a one off thingy*

☆ It’s Confirmed. He is leaving in July and will only be back in 8 months time hopefully I am able to go over to join him for a week or 2. It would be a holiday boy. I need 1. Wayne and jess will be the too. *cross fingers*

☆ After 12 March, I will co-own a property (on paper still). Shall see.

Here we go again…… MARCH on baby


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