Quick Updates

☆ Paid my school fees – 4.5k poorer!!! 😦 #shitload

☆ Came back from HK. Chaperon the T&F kids for some athletic competition (Fell sick during the trip)

☆ Exams OVER!!

☆ HOLIDAY STARTS NOW!! #awesomesunshine

☆ 1 Semester down 5 more to go

☆ 8 days to my long awaited Bangkok Trip #cantwait

☆ No idea when my 2nd semester will start (Quickly book for my dinner dates *while stock last*)

☆ I am really fortunate to have tons of awesome people in my life. Help & encouragements were freely given to me #countingmyblessings #loved

☆ Rowing still…

☆ Looking forward to new amazing things gonna happen this year

☆ Received 2 rabbits on my birthday – Bobo (Female) & Chacha (Male) #bobochacha (I love them so so so so much)

☆ I Love You            #pat


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